The nature of my Limericks

Libraries have been closed for the last few months, and all my academic research is online for now. While taking breaks from the screen, I began writing Limericks in my own style.

Whenever the mind fills with dust

My two feet declare “wanderlust!”

Among the trees thriving

I feel my soul smiling

In nature the journey I trust.

My photography and words often relate to each other, so I decided to publish a book that includes both. The images are from Ireland, Africa, and Greece. My first idea (to publish Limericks only) did not appeal for very long, so the book also includes other kinds of creative writing.

I think you will get a good idea about the contents from the picture below. Sometimes maybe we can judge a book by its cover!

To buy a copy for €10 click here: Please make mark your payment “Delights”. An extra charge will apply for postage. Response time is currently 4-7 days so when you place an order, bear with me; I’ll be in touch as soon as I can.

To return to the home page click here:

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