Kathryn Crowley

Poetry day Ireland; a few words from two of my favourite writers.

Today is National Poetry Day in Ireland. This morning I had fun with the group who came to my poetry and yoga workshop, this evening I will attend other events. It is a massive day in Ireland for… Read More


A private session is about being sensitive to exactly what you need on the day. That could be robust movement, slow, gentle yoga or a combination. Sometimes, taking a deep relaxation session is the best thing you can… Read More

Breathe, move, create!

Enjoy breathing techniques, slow yoga and self-expression in beautiful surroundings. With or without prior experience, all are welcome. PRICING The cost depends on the number of participants and whether you choose creative writing or art-making. All are materials… Read More


If the video does not play for you, you may need to clear the cache on your laptop or phone. Wild flowers Let me list the colours: crimson, maroon, bright pink the darkest wine tones reddish brown blood… Read More


NEWCASTLE WEST ADULTS Beginners and improvers €40 for 4 weeks. CHILDREN €50 for 4 weeks (all art materials included). Thursday mornings for adults in Newcastle West are fully-booked. Private yoga and gift vouchers available. SAFETY | TERMS OF… Read More

Seeds of hope. The buzz of growing doesn’t always require a garden.

The only way I can obtain pure drinking water for now is to buy it in five litre containers or one litre bottles, depending on what is available locally every week. Where I live has no garden. There’s… Read More

Dance, solidarity and happiness

In 1960s England some people had an attitude of “No dogs, no blacks, no Irish”. Can you imagine being a migrant, perceived as the ‘other’, the job-stealer, the threat? For some asylum seekers in Ireland today, that kind… Read More

When the crystal clear emerges; remembering Kathleen Lonsdale.

Although April 1st has certain associations, the subject of my writing today was no fool! Born in county Kildare, Kathleen Lonsdale was a chemistry pioneer, a parent, a pacifist, and a lot more besides. Crystals and medicine Crystallography… Read More