Slow yoga for women’s wellness

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to health. Commit to 7 private yoga sessions and practice during the week for a transformative experience.

After you reserve a place I will be in touch get some details and design your programme in response whether you are fully mobile, disabled, or physically limited.

What’s included

  • your initial consultation
  • 7 private online sessions in movement, breathwork, and relaxation
  • visual prompts to use at home
  • one weekly check-in.


The course is €200. Pay as you go sessions are €30, and do not include visual sheets or weekly check-ins.

You will learn

  • pranayama (yoga breathing) that is scientifically-proven to ease anxiety and stress as well as improving overall health
  • slow yoga movement to suit your body and fitness level
  • deep relaxation techniques to release tension held in the body.

Some weeks you’ll be more tired than others. When energy is low or you feel stressed, you can opt for stillness. Yoga nidra is a deep relaxation session that is taken lying down.

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