Bealtaine marked another threshold in the celtic year. We are now halfway between Spring equinox and Summer solstice.  The days are brighter, the countryside seems even more beautiful than usual, and nature is flourishing. 

May is also the month of celebrating positive ageing in Ireland. Anyone who has survived it to the ‘senior’ years is lucky; we are all going to die eventually, but some people are having a ‘good run at it’ as the saying goes!

In ‘Successful aging and creativity later in life’ author B. Fisher wrote about how creativity can help older people to explore local occasions and have new experiences, develop their sense of identity, and cope better with the progression of age. The arts are so important that community accessibility to cultural events is now considered a basic human right in many countries.

Ireland has an abundant programme every May with the Bealtaine festival.  Billed as ‘age and opportunity’, it offers a myriad of activities nationwide and for anyone with a good internet connection there is an impressive month of offerings happening online for 2021.  From films to writing, singing to sexuality…. even the history of pirates in Ireland is included this year.

Many events are free, none are super-expensive. Check it out: The programme might inspire some people to try something new.  After all, in the words of George Bernard Shaw “We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.

Photo: Na Cailleacha

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