Are you a beginner? Fully mobile or living with physical restrictions? Either way, I can design a yoga programme for your needs.

In person, I work in Limerick city and county with private clients.

Online tuition is also available (30 minutes at a time only). Zoom is not required; you just need a stable internet connection.


Hatha yoga is slow and effective. You can use it to build stamina, soothe stress, and more. All are welcome.

By focusing on breathing exercises we unite body and mind, slow down the never-ending thoughts and reduce the production of cortisol (a stress hormone).

Some people want an energy boost, more need calm. I have clients who consider themselves overweight; yoga does not require you to be thin and flexible. Some people have ailments, from arthritis to anxiety. I also work with people who feel in great shape and want to sustain that as much as possible. Come as you are.


  • 30 minutes €30 online or in person.
  • One hour €55. €200 for four sessions.

The only true expert on your body and your emotions is you. If you apply regular yoga to your needs (which change all the time!) it will nourish you.

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