Ecology, art, and elephants.

Elephants have always inspired me. They are the opposite to us humans; when they leave shit lying around, it actually does some good! Their dung nourishes and houses several species of insect, so it is beneficial to the health of the entire ecosystem.

A few weeks ago, I drew one onto one of my old paintings, then cut it out. The paper held up well; it has been in my possession for 5 years now. Even with two new layers of mixed media applied, its durability is impressive.

The same can’t be said for the pink item underneath, which is made from cheap PVC plastic; this kind of yoga mat chips easily and doesn’t last long. The mats are hardly ever recycled, and when they end up buried in landfills or incinerated, they release release dioxin (a carcinogen).

This finished wall hanging also features found objects, old clothes, and all sorts of bits and pieces of “rubbish”. I add details by drawing and sewing by hand.

Contact me to commission a new piece for your home or workspace. To buy an elephant print, click here.


The First Fathom‘ is happening in Kilmore Quay from August 28th-31st. I am delighted to be part of such a fabulous (outside) project, aong with other environmental artists. You’ll find our creations dotted along the beautiful Wexford coastline.

She flows along‘, is all about women’s health . Over 70 women (and 3 men!) have been in touch to participate, so there is a lot of work to do. I am organising a group exhibition for November. Sign up to my blog below for updates. Alternatively, text, Email or WhatsApp me if you’d like to receive an October text about the event.


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