What is hatha yoga?

If you want to find a way (proven in clincial trials) to support your bone, heart, and brain health, hatha yoga could be just what you need.

It is great for soothing a busy mind and releasing stress that builds up in the body.

Yoga is also used by people to better care of their backs, to improve digestion, enhance strength, bring them better sleep, and much more.

If I am teaching you in a group or one-to-one the focus is on what your body needs, not what my body can or can’t do.

Hatha yoga promotes balance and equilibrium in every area of life, not just on the mat. It is a slow-moving style of yoga, and the word ‘hatha’ has come to represent over 5000 years of history in just 5 letters.


In SouthEast Asia, where yoga orgininated in over 5000 years ago, the Sanskrit language was used to transmit wisdom.

My first ever teacher was from India, and he passed on wisdom by keeping it simple. His take on it was that ‘Ha’ means ‘sun’, and ‘tha’ translates as ‘moon.’

Yoga derives from ‘yoke’.

Daily activities demand energy, movement, and dynamic behaviour (represented by the sun), however we also need to rest, relax, and replenish (moon).

Photo by Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz

For wellbeing then we need to alternate between being active and passive, but not too much of either. We don’t want to burn out, nor do we want to live sluggish lives.


Slow movement brings heightened physical awareness when combined with breathwork. Yoga can be as easy-going or as physically challenging as you need.

Many years ago I first learned a classical hatha yoga style, one-to-one, with a patient Indian man. He never once made me feel bad or ‘wrong’ about how I moved through an asana (yoga pose). I had fibromyaliga and used to get painful flare-ups that affected my mobility. Yoga was, and continues to be, my movement medicine.


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