The turtle’s prayer

Writing poetry allows me to process thoughts and emotions. It can be a way to praise, plead and ponder. Pick any topic under the stars (it doesn’t have to start with ‘P’!) and you can be sure that a poem exists about it.

I am part of a climate change writing group, and recently we considered sea life. Here is my little poem that came out of the prompts.

Photo by Richard Segal.


I am meandering and ancient

reptilian and patient

with wisdom that twinkles

just like the milky way.

May stars and currents guide me

through silky cool clean uisce*

and may you always strive to

pour your heart into the sea.

*uisce (pronounced ‘ish-keh’ is the Irish word for water.

Kathryn Crowley is a writer, visual artist, and tutor who is based in Kerry, Ireland.

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