May meditation

One of my favourite artists, Salvador Dali, was born on this day (May 11th) in 1904. Sometimes I add seashells, sand, and all sorts of material to my pictures, and it was Dali who inspired me to do that: he used to glue stones to his paintings.

This one is called ‘Soar’ and I painted it when my son emigrated for the first time. My heart missed him and I felt the physical distance between us, yet I was also delighted that he was flying off to explore the world.

We need creativity more than ever, and our young people might need it most of all. They are the ones living in a harsher world of capitalism gone mad, precarious unemployment, climate change anxiety, and serious disruptions to the life transitions that we previously took for granted.

As for me, making art is a meditation: it slows down the constant thoughts and keeps me content to live in the moment (see more art here). In the coming weeks I’ll be leading a new youth arts project, and I look forward to witnessing all sorts of colourful creativity as it unfolds.

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