Healthy food and hope

Many of you choose to eat healthy food most of the time, as I do.

Today it delighted me to see that Lidl had lots of loose items in boxes: we got plenty of fresh veg, plus a variety of yummy fruit, without any plastic netting or packaging involved!

Blueberries, yoghurt, and walnuts: one of my Summer favourites as part of breakfast.

I use a lot of fruit and veg. In Summer that includes the odd smoothie, lots of salad, and of course, hot meals most days.

It would be great to see plastic packaging banned completely. There’s no need for it, and it’s a massive cause of pollution to our water and all living things on this beautiful planet of ours.

I eat imported fruit. Spanish organges, lemons, and bluberries from Poland. Soon there will be more local options: the hedgerows will become swollen with blackberries.

My local town now has a veg stall at the local market, which is great, and when Autumn rolls around I’ll do the 30-day local food challenge.

The challenge is all about eating food grown on the island of Ireland for the month of September. Food for thought!

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