Splat! Falls, shocks, and sharing mistakes.

Lying on my face in the dust, it was hard to know what the stabbing pain around my cheekbone and mouth meant. Had I fractured something? Were stones stuck in my flesh? All the stinging and soreness seemed to be on my right side of my body. I was stunned.

Just outside the house I had slipped and fallen on some gravel. It happened in a flash after I got out of the car. One minute I was walking towards the grass, the next I was splayed out on the dusty road. It felt as if one of my teeth was coming through the skin at the corner of my upper lip. In reality, a protruding ‘fang’ tooth had cut the inside of my mouth.

When my beloved arrived by my side, I asked him to help me up by gripping me under both elbows. One side of my ribcage felt tender, so I did not want him to touch my torso.

I was in agony, yet some logic kicked in: isn’t adrenaline amazing? It can help us to think clearly for a few moments and focus the mind, despite pain. The chemical reaction that it causes can last up to an hour after being removed from a stressful situation.[1] What a design!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Despite some hefty bruising, I felt confident that no bones were broken. As for the cuts to my face, hands, and legs, no stitches were needed. Happy days.

The area at the base of my thumb ballooned and turned blue, but the swelling has receded today and the skin colour has changed back to normal. All that remains is a tiny, heart-shaped cut.

Photo: my left hand.  At the base of the the thumb there is a cut with blood.  It is small and heart-shaped.

All that remains today is a tiny heart-shaped cut.

So why am I even sharing this minor incident with you? There are two reasons, and the first one is simply to remind you to check your footwear.

Soles of trainers.  The grip is worn off the shoes at the top and heels.

As you can see, n the soles of my shoes the grip has worn off in some areas. Maybe I would have fallen anyway, but for sure footwear can be dangerously slippy.

Most accidents happen in the home, and according to the HSA, “Slips, trips and falls are the largest cause of accidents in all sectors“.[2] So, if like me, you enjoy wearing a comfy pair of trainers but have not checked them recently, have a look underneath. If you find that the grip is gone and you stop wearing them it could prevent a mishap.

There is a second reason for me sharing this incident with you, and I’ll write about that next week.

Take care,




[1] WebMD (2020) ‘What to Know About an Adrenaline Rush’ 2020 WebMD LLC / Dan Brennan MD.

[2] https://osha.europa.eu/en/publications/factsheet-14-preventing-work-related-slips-trips-and-falls

My face.  Swollen on the side.  The cut on my upper lip is visible.  Navy blue brusing looks like a shudge of dirt.

Kathryn Crowley is a creative who lives and writes in Kerry, Ireland.


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