Arty Shenanigans at Autumn (an update of writing and art activities).


Last year the beaches of Wexford hosted a collection of artworks, installed as a temporary project. One of my pieces was included. A group of ocean-loving creatives had responded to an open call from Andi Mc Garry and Lar O’Toole in Kilmore Quay, Wexford. This year they are doing it again, and one of my new textile art pieces has again been selected.

Catch 22 Art Trá‘ features art from by 15 creatives. I love to make art with an environmental theme, and my own piece is made from jeans, an old bedsheet, and net wrapping used on vegetables! Everyone has created robust, waterproof, and wind-proof work. Art has been placed at 22 sites. Check out the locations here. If you’re in the sunny South East, another interesting place to see is Artbank in Bunclody.


Since I finished sewing, embroidering, and painting my piece for the Wexford exhibition I have been experimenting. With knitting, of all things! I knitted plastic bags, old clothing, and wool. Cutting everything up to prepare long strands as the raw material is a relaxing part of the process. Knitting is not.

I made unecessary work for myself by mixing clothing (that I cut into thin strips) with plastic bags. The platstic was cut into thin strips too, but sewing with ‘plarn’ as it’s known, meant that there no consistency in the stitches. A ball of wool has the same thickness the whole way through.

For all the challenges, making functional items by upcycling materials is still fun. I’ll keep experimenting until I find a use for the knitted piece that I made, because it took ages and I like the colours. It’s a learning curve.


This wall hanging is one of my favourites. It is made from an old pair of trousers, a shirt, yoga leggings, and a curtain tieback. It is 100% hand-stitched.

I used fabric only to make it which is so much easier than knitting. I even embroidered decorative stars onto the white pocket. That one is made from a pillow case. If you would like a wall hanging, get in touch.


On the theme of ‘new ways of working’, my little book ‘Alive and Picking‘ is coming on nicely. Read more here.

Do you write? My new project is open for participation until September 10th. If you you write prose or poems, read more details and get in touch if it resonates with you.

The Listowel story telling festival is happening soon. Check out their website, or if you are on Facebook, Maria Gillen will be posting about, and leading, the shenanigans.

That’s the end of my arts news for this month. If you want a Winter newsletter by email, let me know below. People on my mailing list get entered into my prize draw every month.


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