Pausing to ponder (my visual arts practice).

The Visual Artists of Ireland commissioned me to write about my arts practice a few months ago. The latest publication has landed, and I am in very good company.

Writing poetry, stories, and articles is fine, however when it came to talking about my own arts practice it was a challenge to condense over 20 years of work into one piece of writing.

A lot of my work in the last decade has been devoted to topics in society; environmental concerns, patriarchal shite, and taboo around womens’ health. I am one of many artists in Ireland who has given much energy to various causes at roots level in recent years. Thanks to the VAI I had an opportunity to unravel it all while focusing more on my personal work for a change.

It surprised me that the process led to many ‘pause and ponder’ moments. Socially-engaged arts practice is intense, warrior- spirited, and concerned with social justice. I did not publish a piece of writing about my best art experiences, some horrific circumstances, and the most challenging projects in the realm of social arts. One thing is for sure though; I am quite content that I have served my time.



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