Old magazines, paint, and new ideas.

Yesterday it was warm enough to paint outside! I had a lovely few hours in the garden. The birdsong of the day was pure pleasure to my ears.

Ireland has been cold for a few weeks, so after all the recent frost and ice, I relished observing the beauty of the thaw. Jewels of moisture glistened on the grass as the Earth warmed up.

Using old magazines for collage is something I’ve enjoyed for many years, and now it’s reincarnation time for some old business cards.

They are being made into beautiful personalized bookmarks.

75% complete. 2 more layers to go…

For now they look beautiful as miniature paintings: I am applying of paint and intricate layers of collage to each one. I enjoy recycling bits and pieces: it has been part of my approach to arts sustainability for many years.

The biodiversity of all that is growing around me is inspiring this new mini-collection.

As always, people on my mailing list will get the first peek at the finished pieces, along with news about evolving projects in Kerry and beyond.

Bye for now,


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