Building inner heat and colour (naturally, with movement).

Mini the cat sits on a blue yoga mat, staring at the camera in this photo.  She Behind her is a clear glass window.  Outside in the garden the grass is covered in snow.  Min stands out against this white backdrop with her green eyes and tiger stripe patterns.

Hello from a cold, bright, snow-covered Kerry!

The Winter season in Ireland has inspired me to paint a new artwork. People on my arts and health mailing list will find out about the story behind this painting in the coming weeks.

How about you: how is the season going for you?

Maybe I will see you online in February. If you’d like to add some colour to your cheeks, and to feel some gorgeous sensations in your body, I have an invitation for you.

My hope is that you will end up feeling content and relaxed at a deep level.

Slow yoga online

From any country in the world, I invite you to join me for hatha yoga online. Beginners are welcome. Booking closes at 11am Irish time on January 23rd. Class will be from 5pm-6pm Irish time on February 5th.

About the class

This is an introduction to the physical aspects of yoga. You will build heat in the body, limber up, and feel the impact of yoga for yourself.


The class will consist of slow yoga asana (movement) and pranayama (breathing exercises). At the end of the class you will melt into deep relaxation, lying down.

Here I am standing in front of fern plants and oak trees.  I am wearing a pale blue scarf and my brown winter coat.


The class is €7 to newcomers, free to regulars.

Any fees paid, or donations given, will be used to cover the costs of a local community arts project that I am producing.

This means that you will be supporting creativity for others plus nourishing your own wellbeing!

Support The Kerry Nest art project here:


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