Arty Saturday (community creativity and other news)

My painting of a woman's face, under the soil. She is in cool blue and lilac tones. Above here ther are trees growing out of her head. Fields and mountains can also be seen.

This weekend is all about arts and health.

It doesn’t feel like work to me, because creativity and nature are at the heart of it.

Transition to Spring

It goes from frosty to mild to windy weather on an hourly basis lately, which can be draining on many people here in Ireland.

For me, it’s a tough month physically and I am being mindful. Wind exhausts me so I take lots of lovely deep sleeps and enjoy evenings by the roasting fire. Making art with bright colours is my thing in Winter.

Everything begins in the dark. As the Earth slowly warms up , each day seems a little bit brighter now as we transition to Spring, and already little green shoots are sprouting in the community arts zone because of the work that I put in at Samhain. Thanks to everyone who came on board with projects and those who have been supporting or collaborating. Read on for a scéal beag….*

The Kerry Nest

Despite a minor setback (there will always be glitches!) this morning I am glad to be posting an update about ‘The Kerry Nest’ and other arty adventures.

Writing and images are arriving in a steady stream for our community exhibition, and the launch will be on Monday February 20th.



I’ll be guiding a group in Tralee today. It will be a Saturday of self-expression galore and I am looking forward to meeting the team and participants.

On the topic of arts and health, I also received good news for Listowel. More about that soon.


Local and global art gifts

A big thank you to everyone who has ordered hand-painted bookmarks from me recently.

I love making these with intention for people.

Each piece is made from recycled bits and pieces; cards, paint, food packaging, and other ‘rubbish’ are included.

Each one has at least 5 layers of materials and details added, and after writing a name or a message I seal each bookmark in clear plastic for a long life. On average they cost €15 each including post. It depends on where you live and how many you order.

January joy

If you’d like to spread some smiles with art made by me especially for your friends and family, here’s an offer for you. Order 5 bookmarks before January 26th and you will receive a bonus gift. I’ll send you a print of one of my art works for free. Just make sure that your postbox is big enough to hold an elephant!

I will be taking Sunday and Monday off, so if you have any questions about orders, please bear with me. On Tuesday 24th, and again on February 1st, I’ll reply to all texts and emails. Contact me here.


Prize draw

Last but by no means least, today is prize draw day for my lovely yoga folks in Listowel.


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Here’s hoping that how ever you spend it, you enjoy your weekend.

Till next time….


*scéal beag, pronounced “sshhhh kale bee-ug” is Irish for ‘small story’ or a little insight.

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