Growing up in the lush green Tipperary countryside meant that inspiration was everywhere. Gazing at the light on the mountains, or the swirling water of the river Suir, mesmerised me. In childhood my dad was a printer so he kept me stocked up with paper, and my mam encouraged me too: I was very fortunate.

I marvel at the colours of each season, and where I live in Kerry now is ideal.

As well as painting the odd time I enjoy drawing, writing, making art from natural materials, and exploring new techniques.

Many changes have been made to my practice over the years for environmental reasons.

In 2004 I decided to reduce my production: instead of constantly churning out pictures and putting on exhibitions, I began to paint over the same canvas every few months.

‘Message on wings’ 2005 (in progress). Hundreds of used plastic bottle tops, assembled over 10 hours.

As I learned more about the toxicity of art materials I began to incorporate found objects and old clothing into art pieces.

Writing probably gets more of my attention these days, however I still love visual self-expression.

In the last 10 years I have produced many group exhibitions and socially-engaged art projects. That led me to studying sociology at MA level.

I now work as a community education and art tutor as well as teaching yoga. Autumn 2022 is all about making art for myself again as well as developing new writing. I am thoroughly enjoying the process.


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