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About me

Creativity has been at the heart of daily life for as long as I can remember. When it comes to visual art-making, my process is quite physical. Gathering materials to assemble in the fresh air is a pleasure.


Yoga is my anchor. It is a privilege to merge my passions and to share them with others. After 22 years on this path, with plenty of obstacles and challenges en route, I still love what I do.

Changes in my practice

For a long time I have been producing less and less paintings due to the impact that some art materials have on our ecosystem.

Life in colour, and being an artist, is a never-ending journey of discovery.


Nature is my altar. The weather, people, colour, my hormones, travel, dreams, everyday beauty..so many things influence my creativity!


As a writer I put pen to paper for myriad reasons. Writing helps me to unravel my thoughts and to educate others. It satisfies my urge to create something unique. I write features as well as imaginative stories and poetry.

Beyond work I have hobbies and enjoy spending time with friends. At home I also like to respond to massage requests from two cats who regularly squat with me and my partner.


Kathryn Crowley grew up close to a bird sanctuary and native oak woodlands in Tipperary, Ireland. She had a lucky start: her parents always encouraged her artistic endeavors.

After two decades of social arts practice, self-directed learning, and technique development, she signed up for formal education in 2019. Kathryn’s postgrad studies focused on the sociology of health.

Her intention of merging her passion for yoga and an ongoing ecosocial arts practice lead to further learning and opportunities. For 2023 she has been awarded a Global Arts in Medicine fellowship.



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