Visual art

Since the late 90s I have exhibited my work across Ireland as well as curating group exhibitions. Art is a powerful tool that addresses societal and environmental issues. One example of a socially-engaged project can be seen here:

For the last 10 years I have been producing less paintings. Recycling is important to me and I enjoy making functional objects from old clothes, which are all stitched by hand. As a arts tutor and curator I work with groups and individuals.


Kathryn is a patient facilitator and hard-working curator who strives to elevate the artist.” Joey Serrichio, visual artist.

She is a diligent arts worker and an accomplished artist of style, imagination and real quality. Kathryn contributed significantly to the cultural life of the city while living in Galway. She is honest, reliable, takes her work seriously and is a good researcher and writer.” James Harrold, arts officer.

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