Open call

Covid-19 can’t stop us creating and connecting! The vision “She writes well” welcomes women worldwide to collaborate and produce an archive of stories. If you write to keep yourself well, or to remember, or to let your imagination run riot, then this project may interest you. My name is Kathryn Crowley and you can read … More Open call


It is almost one year since I wrote Spring Listening. I am working on new writing this month, however it feels apt to share the poem right now. Away from the traffic’s endless rumble I walk up a country road flanked on each side by breathing ditches sticky bud trees quiet teachers of time. Invisible … More Poetry

Magical Moments

‘Magical Moments‘ features sixteen writers, aged 20-something to 70-something. I began work on this project in the cold and dark of November and the box of books arrived on a sunny Spring day, which was lovely. It all started with an open call for art and poetry inspired by music and sound. Writers were asked … More Magical Moments

Text and images

About 5 years ago (it feels like a decade) I was asked to paint something in a dressing room with a mirror. This was the result. I love this Irish phrase ‘Is maith an scathán suil chara‘, which translates as ‘A friend’s eye is a good mirror‘. Not meeting up with good friends in person … More Text and images

Invoking Bríd

Lá Féile Bríd (pronounced ‘Law fay-leh Breed’) is Irish for Bríd’s feast day. Whatever your spiritual beliefs, if you grew up in Ireland then chances are she will be woven into your consciousness through stories, celebration and culture. Imbolc and Lá Féile Bríd fall on February 1st, and this year it was auspicious for me … More Invoking Bríd

Are you grounded?

“Wired to the moon” might describe feeling a bit hyper. “Grounded” is the opposite. So why does it matter? This plant was a gift from Jackie, one of my yoga students.  A few years ago it was tiny, now it is ready to be transplanted again. It is growing well because it has strong roots … More Are you grounded?