Love your feet, support your spine workshop

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP Would you like to feel more grounded and balanced? Do you experience back pain, stiff neck, sciatica, or plantar fasciitis? This workshop will be helpful, fun, and relaxing. Learn yoga techniques to build strength in your legs and lower back, which in turn supports your spine to reduce stiffness and pain. Explore…… Continue reading Love your feet, support your spine workshop

Private yoga in Limerick city/West Limerick

Is your life quite busy? Would you like to apply yoga for specific issues at times to suit you? I can work with you early in the morning ( or not-so-early!), in the afternoon or some evenings. Phone 085 2441321 Yoga builds stamina and soothes stress. Breathing techniques slow down the never-ending thoughts and…… Continue reading Private yoga in Limerick city/West Limerick

Limerick group yoga outside

Fabulous weather; it looks like we might be able to continue with outdoor yoga for the week starting July 26th! After you pay, please text or Email me to confirm your booking, because sometimes payments take 48 hours to show up. MORE INFORMATION When it rains, we reschedule for the following week. Your credit can…… Continue reading Limerick group yoga outside