It all connects. The art of small actions (in yoga and creativity).

Eventually I had to do the right thing, and even though it is a lot of work to import eco yoga mats, I am delighted to have made the change. They are the best in Europe and genuinely earth-friendly, unlike a lot of stuff sold by ‘green’ bullshitter companies. Here’s the story behind it all……… Continue reading It all connects. The art of small actions (in yoga and creativity).

Paint, poetry, philosophy…and a mouse.

This is a picture that I made using mixed media on paper. It is unfinished, yet I am content to leave it exactly as it is. The expression “Art is never finished, only abandoned” has been attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci and many others, but it actually came into being because of the words of…… Continue reading Paint, poetry, philosophy…and a mouse.

A period in history

A round-up of my socially-engaged arts practice. SHE FLOWS ALONG ‘She flows along’ concludes a 5-year cycle of socially-engaged art. It all began in 2017 when some of my yoga students told me that they had been to a yoga class in Limerick that was very physical. No warm-up was offered, nothing had been mentioned…… Continue reading A period in history

Dance, solidarity, and happiness.

In 1960s England some people had an attitude of “No dogs, no blacks, no Irish”. Can you imagine being a migrant, perceived as the ‘other’, the job-stealer, the threat? For some asylum seekers in Ireland today, that kind of xenophobia is a reality. Catherine Young. Photographer: Eilise Sullivan. Direct provision became official state policy in…… Continue reading Dance, solidarity, and happiness.