Kathryn Crowley

It was a wonderful Bealtaine here in West Limerick despite the rain, then this morning the cats arrived for a dawn visit. Here’s Simba, welcoming the light in his own sweet way. Bealtaine (an Irish word pronounced ‘beeowl… Read More


The only way I can obtain pure drinking water for now is to buy it in five litre containers or one litre bottles, depending on what is available locally every week. Where I live has no garden. There’s… Read More

Seeds of hope. The buzz of growing doesn’t always require a garden.

On March 28th in 1797, Nathaniel Briggs patented the first washing machine. It was heavy, expensive, and took two people to operate it; hooray for electricity and other advancements in our world since then! My grandmother had a… Read More

The wonderful washing machine