Kathryn Crowley

See a video of my latest poem here: https://youtu.be/xDWhTlGNz3o


For my morning yogis! Grateful and barefoot Now we unfurl together Daisies are smiling.


Today is National Poetry Day in Ireland. This morning I had fun with the group who came to my poetry and yoga workshop, this evening I will attend other events. It is a massive day in Ireland for… Read More

Poetry day Ireland; a few words from two of my favourite writers.

If the video does not play for you, you may need to clear the cache on your laptop or phone. Wild flowers Let me list the colours: crimson, maroon, bright pink the darkest wine tones reddish brown blood… Read More


SPRING LISTENING Away from the traffic’s endless rumble I walk up a country road flanked on each side by breathing ditches sticky bud trees quiet teachers of time. Invisible birds sing out of somewhere I slow my pace… Read More