Kathryn Crowley

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A period of change

Good news from Dublin. After four years, the Period Poverty in Ireland report is finally ready.

Image from the Crimson Waves project: https://artyshe.com/social-arts/

The report states:

Hopefully all the recommendations in the report will lead to action, and Ireland will become a country where free sanitary products are provided to all women.

First, new legislation is required and the proposed bill is now at the third stage of a political process that involves 11 steps.

The report refers to various motions, including one that calls on the Government “to provide a range of free, adequate, safe and suitable sanitary products” and a lot more besides.

Reading it today I was reminded of everyone who put energy into the Crimson Waves project in Limerick (see https://artyshe.com/social-arts/). We were all very much part of the national push for better health care, education and support for women in Ireland.

So much work goes on quietly (not just in the arts) that is unseen by activists, educators, carers, nurses, researchers, and policy makers. I salute you all.