Joy in creativity

This week has been brimful of creativity, which is how I like it! The painting above was about 75% complete when this photo was taken. Working on it has been a pleasure. The colour red was given to me as a starting point and sometimes, one simple prompt is all that I need. The art-lover…… Continue reading Joy in creativity

My January transition. Rest, art, and being happy.

Hello everyone, I hope that you are snug and comfortable reading this. It is a stinging cold, windy Winter here in Ireland, however I am enjoying January. December was not much fun. In fact, some days were so painful that I found them excruciating. A sense of loss caused a tsunami of tears, and that…… Continue reading My January transition. Rest, art, and being happy.

Old magazines, paint, and new ideas.

Yesterday it was warm enough to paint outside! I had a lovely few hours in the garden. The birdsong of the day was pure pleasure to my ears. Ireland has been cold for a few weeks, so after all the recent frost and ice, I relished observing the beauty of the thaw. Jewels of moisture…… Continue reading Old magazines, paint, and new ideas.

Loving colour on the cusp of Summer

SUNRISE SERENADE This morning, not long after sunrise, I took a photo of my latest artwork on the grass outside while listening to birdsong. Bliss! This piece was stARTed in 2020. I stopped working on it for a while to prepare for ‘Solas’ (my Imbolc exhibition of photography and poetry), then finally completed it lately.…… Continue reading Loving colour on the cusp of Summer

Paint, poetry, philosophy…and a mouse.

This is a picture that I made using mixed media on paper. It is unfinished, yet I am content to leave it exactly as it is. The expression “Art is never finished, only abandoned” has been attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci and many others, but it actually came into being because of the words of…… Continue reading Paint, poetry, philosophy…and a mouse.