Kathryn Crowley

Are you grounded?

“Wired to the moon” describes feeling a bit hyper. “Grounded” is the opposite. So why does it matter?

This plant was a gift from Jackie, one of my yoga students.  A few years ago it was tiny, now it is ready to be transplanted again. It is growing well because it has strong roots and it gets enough light, water and space.  So what about us; what does it mean for a person to be ‘rooted’ or ‘grounded’?   

Grounded V ungrounded

Being grounded is when I am comfortable in my own skin and aware of what is happening around me. 

It means staying present even when a sensation isn’t so pleasing. So if my mood is as changeable as the weather some days, I won’t repress or deny it!  

Not being grounded is often the result of stress. It can manifest as feeling scattered, imbalanced, overwhelmed or confused.

What helps?

  • walking in the fresh air…..alone and without a phone!
  • deep breathing practice
  • getting your hands in the soil
  • slow yoga, creativity or baking; anything done mindfully
  • being in nature

     Three habits worth cultivating

  1. Put phones and computers away early in the evening.
  2. Reduce tea and coffee consumption
  3. Say ‘no’ to people and tasks to prioritise some pamper time for yourself.

Simple, but not always easy, eh?


Know yourself.

Some folks thrive on routine, others do not or can not.  Life isn’t a rigid timetable, especially when other people depend on you; parents and carers know this.

So what time of the day or night suits you best for some self-care? Keep it real; when are you least likely to be disturbed?

Know what keeps you earthed and be aware of what throws you out of kilter.

When grounded, you feel

  • really in your whole body, not caught up in endless spinning thoughts
  • that you have stable energy levels throughout the day, not fluctuations or feeling depleted easily
  • aware of every physical sensation
  • more focused, calmer, and less affected by the moods of others.

Fake positivity is not the answer; emotions and wobblies are part of being human, especially during a pandemic! Most people-myself included-are not balanced all the time. Accepting that we can working with everything that arises and practice some healthy grounding.

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