Kathryn Crowley

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HOW IT WORKS Every week I will send you a letter with prompts. You will write something in response; a memory, poem, prose… Some people prefer to write for their wellbeing and keep it private, as you would… Read More

Bookings close at 2pm on June 18th. THE SESSIONS Join me for a fusion of mindful breathing creative writing to clear the mind, express yourself, and have fun. The sessions are for 75 minutes each, at 2:45pm and… Read More


‘Magical Moments‘ features writing by 16 people aged 23-70+. In the cold and dark of November, as we all adjusted to life with a pandemic, I began work on the idea. A few months later, the books arrived… Read More

Magical Moments

Lá Féile Bríd (pronounced ‘Law fay-leh Breed’) is Irish for Bríd’s feast day. Whatever your spiritual beliefs, if you grew up in Ireland then chances are she will be woven into your consciousness through stories, celebration and culture…. Read More

Invoking Bríd