eco yoga mats

It took me 3 years of searching and research to find genuinely eco-friendly yoga mats. Have you seen my blog post about how and why I made the change? Read it here.


These come from Scotland / the UK and are made from jute. I love the grip and feeling of the natural fabric on my skin.

The hessian fabric gives a durable, tactile and pleasantly natural surface to work on”. Seona.


7 ft x 4mm. Deep lavender or green.


Jute. The plant material used in these mats is so Earth-friendly that you can add a mat to the compost bin when it eventually breaks down.


Six mats are available at €44 each. There are extra charges for 2023 due to extra admin hassle for my supplier in the UK and extortion by Irish customs.


I am import mats that may have a glitch in the hessian or a slightly uneven colouring. My own yoga mat had a small snag in the weave when it arrived. That flaw has not sped up the breakdown of the materials or impacted on my practice in any way.

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