Nature, art, and jam. Writers and doodlers welcome!

Today, at Spring Equinox here in Ireland, I am celebrating creativity galore. It’s a great time for new beginnings, hope, and equilibrium. My big news is that art jams will be happening next month here in Kerry. If you would like one in your neck of the woods, I love road trips so get in…

When plans change, rearrange (nothing is perfect).

Art and aches The drizzling rain and cold grey was easy to ignore if I focused on the vibrant colours before me. My paintings and photographs were a distraction from the weather and how it was affecting my limbs. Pain can’t be ignored, but it can be tolerated. The aches and pains all over my…

‘Suas’. My art exhibition (it’s about hope and healing).

It has been over 12 years since I exhibited a collection of my own work in a space devoted specifically to visual art, and I am delighted to be doing so this month at Tralee library. The venue is wheelchair accessible and open to all. Time really does fly, and my current work is all…

It’s all a balancing act (chairs, chats, and facing our fears).

Limbering up with yoga In a chair yoga class recently I was delighted when a person remarked about how regular practice was taking effect. They commented on how “It’s really helping with all that neck and shoulder stuff, it’s more free now”.  I knew exactly what the person meant.  It feels so good when yoga-inspired…


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Hello, my name is Kathryn Crowley.

On this blog I document my arts practice and share some of my poetry and musings.

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