Monthly update

Hi everyone, Autumn is here, the fire is blazing every night, and I have some good news to share with you in the monthly update for September. PRIZE DRAW WINNERS We had so many parts of our lives put on hold during the pandemic that this year, I think we all deserve as many lift-me-ups… Continue reading Monthly update

Hatha yoga

Yoga nourishes my creativity. When I need it, I practice vinyasa flow (a faster-moving, strong yoga), and most of all I turn to hatha yoga for my wellbeing. People often ask me what it all means and they talk in terms of stereotypes (being flexible, for example), so here are my thoughts on hatha yoga.… Continue reading Hatha yoga

Can you begin to reduce stress with just one (long, slow ) breath?

A SIMPLE LIFE Life can feel hectic, especially for parents of young children who inhabit a whole other universe of responsibility. Burnout is becoming an everyday reality and stress is being normalised. While not everyone is in a position to change their lives to a great degree, one thing the majority of people can do… Continue reading Can you begin to reduce stress with just one (long, slow ) breath?


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About me

My name is Kathryn Crowley and I write short stories, features, and poetry. Some blog posts refer to my artistic process, yoga, and culture.

Writing portfolio viewings by request.

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