Feathered creatures great and small are the inspiration for an exhibition of art and writing. The collection will be shown next Spring at the Kerry Writer’s Museum, Listowel. This open call welcomes responses from Ireland and abroad. NOVEMBER NEWS The closing date has passed for creative writing entries and everyone has received an email. Please… Continue reading BIRDS, WINGS, FLIGHT…

Prompts by post (creative inspiration sent to your home).

PROMPTS BY POST Three months of inspiration delivered to your home plus guided breathwork online to support your focus and relaxation. HOW IT WORKS You will receive three letters every month for three months. Each one will contain a prompt designed especially for you, along with writing tips and suggestions. Respond to your prompts as… Continue reading Prompts by post (creative inspiration sent to your home).


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My name is Kathryn Crowley.

I am a writer and art-maker. My work is inspired by a fusion of urban and rural, the traditional and the contemporary.

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