Kathryn and yoga

I teach ancient and modern asana (poses) along with movement and breathwork. It is simple, yet powerful.

My introduction to yoga was ‘old school’. Techniques were passed on to me by my Indian teacher, one-to-one, in nature. I consciously decided to try yoga instead of taking medication for fibromyalgia in 2008.

Yoga began to work its magic, and I made an effort to adapt a healthier lifestyle. After sharing yoga with others for a few years I immersed in teacher training with two mighty women: Sara Lilia Jolanta and Lindita Maria Velija.

Yoga and chamomile tea helped me somewhat as I studied the sociology of health at postgrad level during Ireland’s lockdowns. I read a lot of worldwide yoga studies from 1960-2020.

It saddened me to see the patriarchal legacy: women have not been included much world as research subjects. Also, scientific data largely ignores the nuances of human experience. The University of Life is much more authentic.

Most recently I qualified in ‘Teaching yoga for the stages of menopause’ with Niamh Daly.

Many yoga teachers and other people have helped me on the way, and I love to share yoga with women for health.

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