Are you aged 45-55ish?


Most women go through a massive shift from their mid 40s – mid 50s (and beyond) that is completely natural. For some, the perimenopause phase starts even earlier.

I work with women one-to-one and in small groups, and everything I do is rooted in experience.


In 2021 night sweats and all sorts of strange physical issues arrived into my life. I presumed that the endless social restrictions imposed in Ireland during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic were affecting my health.

After a few weeks of waking up at 4am, unable to get back to sleep, I went to my doctor. She is a woman who I rarely visit. After a thorough consultation she diagnosed perimenopause. I took her advice and am happy to share that two months later, I felt fine again. The journey to menopause is not something that I pay much attention to now: I just live my life.


The only expert in how you are feeling is you. If you need support, information, and gentle yoga guidance, I am happy to assist.

To help myself and my clients learn more I took specialised training in ‘Teaching Yoga for the Stages of Menopause’ with Niamh Daly. I also studied the Sociology of Health at postgrad university level.

Women deserve to know all that they can about menopause. My holistic approach respects individual needs and what can be gleaned from yoga and nutrition as well as the medical and scientific fields.

I have a lot to share with you that is easy to apply, practical, and proven to be of benefit.


Kathryn has really shown me how to look after myself by tuning into my body and listening to its needs.”

Angela Corbyn.

I highly recommend yoga and the way it is taught. Kathryn is amazing in how she can get one to relax and be present in the moment.”

Jackie Morrissey.


Prices vary. As a guide, one-to-one sessions are €65 per hour.


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