Many years ago I turned to yoga in an effort to seek relief from chronic pain. My first teacher was from Kerhala in India, and he passed on classical hatha yoga knowledge to me.

In the months and years that followed, regular yoga practice restored me to good health. My passion for teaching evolved from that life-transforming experience of recovery.

Ceili Afro Dabke dance, February 2020. Photo: Eilise Sullivan.

In time I was able to enjoy hiking, cycling and African dance again.

After sharing yoga with people for a few years in Morocco and Ireland I took some teacher training with Sarah and Lindita Jolanta Sarbjot.

From 2019-2021 I researched yoga within biomedical health worldwide and specialised in the sociology of medicine for my MA thesis. 2021 also brought me the opportunity of yoga teacher training in yoga for menopause.

My other passion is the arts: I love painting, drawing, sculpture, and dance. I have 22 years of arts experience both as an art-maker and tutor, and enjoy facilitating people from all walks of life.