Prompts by post #3

Three months of inspiration delivered to your home


wellbeing videos and guided breathwork classes to support your focus and relaxation.

Prompts by post is back!


After you register I will be in touch within 3-5 days to double check the postal address provided. When your course starts you will receive three letters each month: each one will be a personalised prompt designed especially for you to inspire you to connect you with your creativity.

Respond to your prompts as you please; write, doodle, journal, craft poetry, paint…you decide.

The course could be a writing-for-wellbeing experience, a chance to make some art for fun, a way to develop stories and poems, or simply as a way of supporting you to let go, relax, and see what emerges.


There are many reasons why some people find it difficult to put time aside for creative writing, doodling, or making art. Even those who are retired with the freedom to do as they wish every day find it hard to keep motivated all the time.

Prompts by post’ is a treat that aims to help you to relax, express yourself freely, and experience more flow. I started this service in 2019 and the feedback has been good.

You can dip in and out of the course with ease. It is all about taking little creative actions at times to suit you.

This three month adventure is €120.

Open for registration until 8pm December 8th.


  • Nine typed letters posted to your home over three months.
  • Three short wellbeing videos and audio recordings; nourishing breathing exercises and gentle yoga to ease stiffness from your neck and shoulders.

  • Access to each web-based session will be for two weeks, so you can take the classes as often as you like during that time.


Everyone is welcome; you don not have to identify as a writer or an artist. If you’d like to immerse in creativity, get playful, experiment, and try something different at times to suit your lifestyle, this is for you.


Please note that is impossible to give you exact dates of post, as delivery services vary country to country.


Creativity is at the heART of my life! I am an artist, writer, and yoga teacher who has been facilitating in the arts since the 90s.


This three month adventure is €120.

I post worldwide from here (Ireland).

Delivery to countries outside Ireland cost €9 extra in total.

Gift vouchers available.

€120 (delivery in Ireland).

€129 (other countries).


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