A nest of creativity (about birds)!.

Last Winter I decided to create a community art project inspired by birds and flight. The idea had been percolating for a while, and the open call for art and writing attracted responses from people in Athlone, Dublin, Germany, Kerry, Limerick, and Sligo. Some of the writers involved. Thanks to everyone who took part. After…… Continue reading A nest of creativity (about birds)!.

Red squirrells and us.

Photo: Joe Kilroy. A few days ago I was admiring the landscape from a train when I saw a red squirrel. Exciting! In childhood I used to watch squirrels leaping about on the hillside trees outside my bedroom windows like foxy-coated trapeeze artists. There is something exhilerating about their movements. When I got home I…… Continue reading Red squirrells and us.

Paint, poetry, philosophy…and a mouse.

This is a picture that I made using mixed media on paper. It is unfinished, yet I am content to leave it exactly as it is. The expression “Art is never finished, only abandoned” has been attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci and many others, but it actually came into being because of the words of…… Continue reading Paint, poetry, philosophy…and a mouse.