Irish mythology (The Morrigan)

*An Mórrígan is pronounced ‘On Mor-ig-awn’. It was my pleasure (and a challenge) to try and do justice to The Morrigan in paint. To me, she is not just a powerful figure from Irish mythology; she also symbolizes many aspects of the modern female psyche. LIMITED EDITION GICLEÉ PRINTS Gicleé is a process that keeps colours vibrant…… Continue reading Irish mythology (The Morrigan)

Paint, poetry, philosophy…and a mouse.

This is a picture that I made using mixed media on paper. It is unfinished, yet I am content to leave it exactly as it is. The expression “Art is never finished, only abandoned” has been attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci and many others, but it actually came into being because of the words of…… Continue reading Paint, poetry, philosophy…and a mouse.