Art is a living animal.

There is a lot to celebrate at Lughnasadh, and today a delightful delivery arrived. ‘Fur, Feather, Pen’ features writing and photographs from James Anthony, Neil Bronsan, Paul Buttimer, Barbara Derbyshire, Priscilla Donovan, Nicki Griffin, Jenny Horgan, Matt Moloney, Jamie O’Halloran, and myself. There was no endless form-filling or adminstration mountains to climb and repeat in…… Continue reading Art is a living animal.

Clíodhna’s call: my awe and grá for the ocean.

Which came first, the picture or the poem? In this case, it was the painting. I painted this a few years ago, and wrote ‘Clíodhna’s Call’ in 2019. CLÍODHNA’S CALL Through crunch of shingle and bubble of foam You know the sound of my breathing I am liquid stillness and roaring waves Soothing and scary…… Continue reading Clíodhna’s call: my awe and grá for the ocean.

‘Restored’. A tribute to the human spirit.

LISTEN TO THE POEM: RESTORED It’s no secret They failed to silence you Even as you struggled with mud-caked wings For you were cherished by silver birch And carried by the wind. Honeybees sought the song in your throat When dawn was a hoarse whisper The sun bestowed its morning dew And clover willed your…… Continue reading ‘Restored’. A tribute to the human spirit.

A poem for the poets. Listowel Writer’s Week 2022.

Writer’s Week was fun, and today was the last day, so misty grey weather could not deter me from cycling into town for an open mic. I did not realise it was a competition (I avoid them), but the rain was pelting down at that stage, and sure what else would you be doing on…… Continue reading A poem for the poets. Listowel Writer’s Week 2022.


This drawing was bought by a customer in Germany. It is called ‘Joy’, and that is what I am feeling this week after a lovely suprise: I am being commissioned to produce a piece of writing by a UK cultural organisation. Being paid to write is always good of course, but the fact that I’ve…… Continue reading Joy