Kathryn Crowley

West Limerick yoga for beginners and improvers

GROUP CLASSES Thursday morning classes will resume on May 6th at 10am in Newcastle West community centre (opposite Aldi). Booking closes at 4pm on April 27th. LEAN IN TO LEARN Get in touch before April 27th and let… Read More

Slow yoga for women’s wellness

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to health. Commit to 7 private yoga sessions and practice during the week for a transformative experience. After you reserve a place I will be in touch get… Read More

When the crystal clear emerges; remembering Kathleen Lonsdale.

Although April 1st has certain associations, the subject of my writing today was no fool! Born in county Kildare, Kathleen Lonsdale was a chemistry pioneer, a parent, a pacifist, and a lot more besides. Crystals and medicine Crystallography… Read More

Are you grounded?

“Wired to the moon” describes feeling a bit hyper. “Grounded” is the opposite. So why does it matter? This plant was a gift from Jackie, one of my yoga students.  A few years ago it was tiny, now… Read More