If you still have a question after reading this page please get in touch. I want you to be clear on the terms as well as safe and comfortable.


  • Be in the space 5 minutes early. No late entry is permitted. Private appointments will end on time even if you are late turning up.
  • Classes are to be taken consecutively unless you text or Email me specific dates on the day that you pay.
  • All deposits and payments are non-refundable. There is no credit for missed classes.
  • Bring a mat and blanket to yoga class. You are welcome to take one and pay later if needed. Buy an eco yoga mat here.

  • Have you a physical issue or health concern? Please see a medic first to check if yoga is appropriate for you.

  • If you develop an ailment or physical niggle, or if you need emotional support, please see a physio, talk therapist, or medic. I am not qualified to diagnose, counsel, or treat you. Yoga is not counselling even though it can benefit mental health immensely.

  • If you need privacy, or you want to address specific issues, I can help. Contact me for private, one-to-one options.

  • It is up to you to inform me of any injuries before class. Yoga is always at your own risk.


My knee, back, or some other body part is in pain. Is yoga suitable?

You are the only true expert on how you are feeling. Check with your GP or a clinically-trained advisor before booking yoga even if you want to come to a gentle, easy-going class.

Do you provide mats?

Some eco yoga mats are for sale here. I do not lend out mats.

Can I just take one class instead of a course to see how it goes?

Due to people who booked one class then arrived very late, and a few who had zero respect for boundaries, I no longer allow access for attending one Autumn class. If you want to book a private, one-to-one class contact me here.

Is there a pay as you go option?

No, and to book a course you must make a payment. Places will not be kept.

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