She opened my eyes to the joys of writing which I had forgotten. Kathryn has been there for me and my fellow amateur writers, encouraging our every effort, critiquing where necessary, and encouraging us all the while.” 

-Linda R.

Kathryn has a lovely, personal approach which I appreciated. She creates inspiration from a different angle.

-Orla Bakeberg.

I highly recommend Kathryn’s writing workshops/courses. Client feedback from our recent session warranted a 5 star review.

-Andrew, owner at Draoícht Gallery.

Kathryn is knowledgeable, supportive, and enthusiastic” Sarah O’Brien.

-Andrew, co-owner, Draíocht art gallery, Adare.

Kathryn is amazing in how she can get one to relax and be present in the moment.”

-Jackie Morrissey.

-Linda R.

I did a creative writing and movement workshop with Kathryn and it was such a fantastic experience! The gentle pace, the writing prompts, the movement… it was great to check in with the body and translate that into words.”

-Maria Ortega Garcia.

Kathryn’s yoga classes are relaxing but they still challenge the body. It’s like a boost of rocket fuel for the dayYou can see that she has a real passion for teaching. Yoga builds strength and flexibility. It also helps to increase levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells, which carry oxygen around the body to increase stamina.“ 

-Margaret Delee, physiotherapist.

I did outdoor yoga with Kathryn, she held it an intimate and boundaried space despite it being in a public park. Kathryn is a wise and gentle facilitator, which meant that I was not a bit self- conscious and forgot where I was. 

-Siobhan Potter, psychotherapist.

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