Your menopause

The journey to menopause is different for everyone, however there are common symptoms that most of us will experience. What can help?

The journey to menopause

Usually, from the mid 40s on, women experience changes in their bodies until they eventually stop menstruating completely. Massive hormonal shifts (which are natural and unavoidable) are the root cause of all those changes.

How come we know so little as a society: why are women not prepared?

There are a few reasons for this. One is the fact that throughout history, medical research and scientific studies mostly focused on men’s bodies. Much of the data that we have worldwide has been produced by men too: for a long time women were excluded (or severly limited) when it came to medicine and research.

Because nobody taught her about it, often a woman will not realise that the problems she has developed are due to perimenopause. Lingering taboos in our society don’t help. Thankfully, we are moving into a new phase.

What can help?

Workshops are an opportunity to explore

  • Symptoms and biochemistry: how chemical changes in your body can affect you.
  • Body wisdom: how the body changes. What it needs. How you can nourish yourself in simple, practical ways.
  • Gentle yoga to support heart, brain, and bone health.

About me

For the first few years of perimenopause I hadn’t a clue what was happening . Ironically, since 2017 I had been producing art projects (read more here) about menstruation, menopause, and taboo!

After my lovely doctor explained that I was in the late reproductive stage of life, I turned my attention to my MA. I investigated the use of yoga within medicine and healthcare worldwide from 1960 – 2021. After that, I took specialist training in ‘Teaching Yoga for the Stages of Menopause‘. 2022 sees me learning more about hormonal health from a medical doctor.

The workshops

My fusion approach is unique: I merge creativity with science and yoga. Every workshop is different, and my role is to present you with the facts, robust research, and various options so that you can make informed choices.


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