Kathryn’s feature writing is informed by robust research. Her work has been published in newspapers and magazines including The Irish Independent, The Weekly Observer, and An Focal as well as on various websites.

Her poetry has appeared in Vox Galvia, Feral, Lothlorien Poetry journal, Pendemic.ie, Stanzas, Limerick Soviet, Not the Time to be Silent, and Cooking Potato Stories. Kathryn prefers to share her poetry at live events.


At the height of the pandemic, Kathryn curated ‘Magical Moments’, a multigenerational project featuring 16 writers from all over Ireland. She also published ‘The Pollen Pages’, a collection of her poetry and short stories. This was followed by ‘Solas’ (2022), an exhibition of photography and poems.


Fur, feather, pen’ is a group writing project inspired by animals. It has gone to print and will be available to read by Lughnasadh.

Kathryn is editing her new book, ‘Alive and Picking’, and updates will be shared on the blog /news section.

Kathryn’s writing helped make the Arts section robust.she has a good eye for a story and has a good knack for transporting readers, which is what any good writer does.

Mike Finnerty, Entertainment.ie / Irish Times.

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