Yoga is a life-enhancing practice. I teach three fundamental elements; breathing techniques, movement, and relaxation. It can be as gentle or as dynamic as you need and if it is all new to you, you do not need to be thin, flexible or fit to start.


Yoga is for everyone. I work with people from all walks of life, from athletes to people who are feeling unfit, home-makers, students, professionals, people with disabilities, folks living with illness, and some in recovery.

All around the world millions of people practice yoga and take a holistic approach to health because it works. All are welcome, from absolute beginners to improvers. Yoga is not a magic wand and I advise you to take a “little and often” approach. At the same time, I am not a disciplinarian; it’s up to you.


The physical and psychological rewards are many; yoga eases stiffness and boosts energy, yet it is relaxing too. Sometimes it involves being completely still; as you lie down I will guide you through a process to release tension from each muscle, bit by bit, while soothing your entire central nervous system.



Yoga gives me energy, it is like rocket fuel in the mornings!  You can see that Kathryn has a true passion for teaching.  Yoga builds strength and flexibility. It also helps to increase levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells, which carry oxygen around the body to increase stamina.” -Margaret Delee.  Physiotherapist.

We were delighted to work with Kathryn. We had a waiting list for each block and she delivered classes to people from a diverse range of physical and social backgrounds. Quote from one participant: ‘Kathryn’s class is so calm and she is a fabulous instructor’ ” Padraigh Reale, Garryowen sports officer.

Kathryn has taught me to really tune into my body and look after it by listening to its needs.” -Angela Corbyn.

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